Administrative Hearings Publications/Forms

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Administrative Hearings Protocols and Locations DAH IH 69
BAIID Questionnaire DAH H 67
Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) Terms and Conditions DAH H 66
Documentation of Abstinence/ Character/Substance Use DAH IH 51
Documentation of Non-Traditional Support/Recovery Program DAH IH 67
Documentation of Non-Traditional Support/Recovery Program Cover Letter DAH IH 71
Documentation of Self-Help Support/Recovery Program DAH IH 52
DUI Risk Education Certificate of Completion DAH H 105
Employee/Attorney Information DAH IH 75
Formal Hearing Request DAH H 12
Hearing Officer Facility Locations DAH IH 70
Hearing Request to Contest Court-Ordered Visitation Abuse Driving Privileges Suspension DAH H 86
Hearing Request to Contest Delinquent Child Support Payment Suspension Court Order DAH H 79
Hearing Request to Contest Delinquent Child Support Payment Suspension
– Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services (IDHFS) Certification
DAH H 80
Hearing Request Safety Responsibility Suspension DAH H 74
Hearing Requirements DAH IH 22
Illinois Petitioner Alcohol/Drug Evaluation Report Update DAH IH 34
Illinois Petitioner Investigative Alcohol/Drug Evaluation DAH IH 62
Illinois Petitioner Treatment Verification DAH H 68
Non-Drivers Hearing Request Form DAH H 94
Medical Cannabis Verification Form DAH H 99
Motor Vehicle Accident Affidavit Involving Personal Injury/Fatality DAH IH 17
Notice – List of References DAH H 61
Notice of Protest Illinois Motor Vehicle Franchise Act DAH H 17
Opiate Prescription Verification Form DAH H 103
Opiate Substitution Verification Form DAH H 102
Out of State Resident Reinstatement Application DAH OOS 8
Petition for a Restricted Driving Permit or Reinstatement of Driving Privileges DAH IH 28
Petition to Contest a CDL Disqualification Based Upon a Refusal, Failure to Complete or Failure to Pass a Chemical Test(s) Allegedly While Operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle DAH H 78
Petition to Contest Issuance of Junk Title in Illinois Because of Prior NMVTIS Search DAH H 98
Petition to Contest a Suspension Under Section 5-16c(E) of the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act (IBRSA) DAH H 89
Petition to Contest a Suspension under the Section 6-206(a)31 of the IVC DAH H 76
Petition to Contest a Zero Tolerance Suspension DAH H 70
Petition to Contest the Cancellation, Suspension or Denial of a School Bus Permit DAH H 96
Request for Copies of Documents from the Department of Administrative Hearing Files Only DAH A 23
Reckless Homicide Information Sheet DAH H 81
Road to Reinstatement – Restoring your Driving Privileges DSD DC 88
Supplemental Hearing Instructions Alcohol/Dui-Related Hearings BAIID Program DAH H 65
Use It and Lose It Study Guide DAH A 9
Verification of Hearing Documents DAH H 82