Requests for Mailing Lists of Libraries Illinois State Library

The Illinois State Library accepts requests to supply a complete or partial list of Illinois/ILLINET member libraries, including library/institution names and addresses. Telephone numbers and email address can also be provided upon request. A complete list of ILLINET member libraries include approximately:

To request a list of libraries, send an email request to Joe Natale at, with the following information:

  1. Your name, mailing address, and phone number
  2. Type of libraries to include in the list
  3. Whether to include library telephone numbers and email addresses

In addition, non-governmental agencies requesting a list will be asked to acknowledge the following statement: "Please be advised that by providing the mailing list of libraries, the Illinois State Library in no way endorses or supports your program or business promotion to libraries."

Lists will be sent to you, within a few working days, via email in Microsoft Excel format. We do not fill requests to send labels or paper copies of these lists via postal delivery.

The information maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State/Illinois State Library is intended for public use and access is provided for free to all. The Illinois State Library does not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of the information, nor provide any services beyond what is expressly stated.