General Policies and Guidelines Illinois State Library

The Illinois State Library is dedicated to providing access to knowledge and information through reading and writing, providing patrons the right to use library materials and services--both electronic and in print--without being disturbed or impeded, and providing patrons and employees a secure and comfortable environment. So that all persons may enjoy the benefits of the Illinois State Library, individuals visiting or using the library's public service areas must comply with the following Policies and Guidelines.

Library Patrons’ Responsibilities

Patrons are expected to observe the rights of other patrons and staff members and to use the library for its intended purposes. The following will not be allowed in the library:

Any patron (including any minor) who is behaving in an inappropriate manner will be asked to leave the library.

A patron who repeatedly violates these rules may be permanently prohibited from entering the State Library and will be subject to the suspension of library privileges by authority of library security and/or library management.

The police will be summoned in cases in which a patron poses a danger to himself or others, deliberately violates the law, or refuses to leave the library after being asked to do so.

Use of Computer Equipment

Public computer workstations are available to access our library resources and databases for research purposes only.

Library staff members are solely responsible for the maintenance of computer equipment. Patrons may not tamper with equipment. Report printer supply needs, jams, and other problems to the reference desk staff.

The use of personal software is prohibited.

Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)

The Illinois State Library offers free wireless Internet access (WiFi). Access to our wireless Internet network is available to anyone with a laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices. The State Library does not provide wireless adapters. You may view answers to frequently asked questions about WiFi access at the State Library.


Downloading Files:

Electronic Networks: Guidelines for Use

The Illinois State Library requires that library patrons using electronic information networks such as the Internet do so within the guidelines of acceptable use. The following activities are unacceptable and may result in loss of library privileges:

About Children and the State Library

Internet access at the Illinois State Library is unfiltered. The Illinois State Library supports the right of all library users to have access to information and will not deny access to electronic information networks based solely on age. However, library staff members are unable to monitor children’s use. Additionally, the Illinois State Library cannot act as a censor or substitute parent.

Children ages 17 and over may use the library without adult supervision.

Children ages 12 - 16 must either:

Children ages 11 and under are not permitted to use the resources of the Illinois State Library without adult supervision.

Teachers, docents, or guardians of tour groups of children are responsible for their groups’ actions including Internet use.

The Illinois State Library recognizes that the electronic information networks such as the Internet may contain material that is inappropriate for children. Parents are expected to monitor and supervise their children’s use of the Internet. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children issues of appropriate use and electronic information network safety. It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to ensure that their children’s use of the Internet is appropriate and safe. The Illinois State Library recommends that you visit NetSmartz, an interactive, educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on- and offline.