How Do I? Illinois State Archives

Do research by mail, phone, fax or via the Internet?
Check out the research services of the Illinois State Archives as well as the research services of the Illinois Regional Archives Depositories (IRAD).

Find out the cost to submit a research request to the Illinois State Archives by mail, telephone, fax or via the Internet?
Please find the Illinois State Archives fee schedule for a complete list of fees for Illinois and out of state residents. See the IRAD Research Policy for charges that are applicable to our regional depositories.

Find out which records are stored at the Archives building in Springfield and which records are found at the Illinois Regional Archives Depositories (IRAD)?
As a general policy the Archives Building in Springfield houses records created by state and federal agencies such as censuses and military documents. Those records created by local governmental agencies such as deeds, wills, and marriages are held by IRAD. IRAD has seven regional sites located on state university campuses.

Find out why types of records maintained by the Illinois Regional Archives Depository System (IRAD) vary from county to county?
The selection of records held by IRAD for a particular county reflects that county's decision to participate in the IRAD program and the availability of historically valuable records for transfer to a regional depository.

Find records of births, deaths, or marriages?
The Archives holds a death index and death certificates maintained by the Department of Public Health from 1916–1947 and an index to marriages recorded in Illinois counties prior to 1901. The Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD) system has birth, death and marriage records for many counties in Illinois. Illinois county clerks maintain birth and death records beginning in 1877 and marriage records from the origin of the county. For records not maintained by IRAD, contact the appropriate county clerk.

Find records the State Archives hold concerning Abraham Lincoln?
The Archives has a variety of documents, originating from federal, state, and local governmental records which have been written by or signed by Lincoln. Lincoln Documents in the Illinois State Archives