Illinois State Historical Records Advisory Board (ISHRAB) Illinois State Archives

The Illinois State Historical Records Advisory Board is the state level of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC). The Board serves as a state-level review body for records grant proposals as defined in the Commission's guidelines and as a coordinating body to facilitate cooperation among historical records depositories and other information agencies within the state.

The ISHRAB was first formed by appointments made by the Governor in 1975. By the terms of an agreement entered into by the Secretary of State and the Governor in 1985 the ISHRAB now serves concurrently as the State Archives Advisory Board with its members appointed by the Secretary of State. Each of these boards concurrently is made up of a member of the State Records Commission, a member of the Local Records Commission, a member of a local historical society or museum, a university archivist, a person in the education profession specializing in either history or political science, a genealogist, a research or reference librarian, a business archivist, the director of the State Library, the State Historian, and four public members. The ISHRAB receives support services from the staff of the Illinois State Archives including the State Archives director who serves as Board coordinator.

The ISHRAB issued a Statewide Historical Records Needs Survey and Assessment Project Final Report in 1982. This NHPRC-funded project addressed state government records, local government records, historical records depositories throughout Illinois, and statewide archival functions including archival networks, conservation, and education.